Associated Projects – Docomomo 2020

Associated Projects

We launched various associated projects making use of the valued year-long time we gained due to Covid-19 pandemic.  These associated projects are to enhance discussions regarding the modern movement and to share related information.  We hope you can come and join us.

1. Docomomo International Public Discussion
Modernism is Frozen Discussion is Opened Urbanism and Architecture Under /After COVID-19

You will be welcome to enter our discussion room online by zoom. We will discuss about what COVID-19 has brought to our city and architecture and what we learn from modernism for the next urbanism and architecture.

2. The Gallery of MOMO Origami Architecture

We are launching the MOMO Origami Architecture project on the SNS platform that was originally planned coinciding with the DOCOMOMO2020+1 International Conference. We will post a new Origami Architecture once a week on Facebook and twitter.

Origami architecture was started in 1981 by the architect scholar, Masahiro Chatani (1934-2008). 3 dimensional architectural form is expressed from one piece of paper being cut out. Influenced by Japanese traditional paper folding culture, his Origami Architecture is a contemporary craft that reveals sensitive but grandiose pieces of art. Among numerous Origami Architecture pieces, the current project is featuring worldly dominated modern architecture created around the 1970s because it is made possible by the collaboration with DOCOMOMO International who is dedicated to document architecture depicting the modern movement (MOMO). Weekly online exhibition will be accompanied by the special comments describing the main elements of the Origami Architecture piece of the week. They may jump or fly occasionally. We would like you to pay attention to why we introduce that particular Origami Architecture at that time. Please enjoy the MOMO Origami Architecture series.


3. Docomomo Virtual Tour

Dr. Nahoo has a career as a guide of Access Point: Architecture-Tokyo. She decided to share her unique experiences as virtual tour. Especially she picks up the DOCOMOMO Japan Selection as a program of the DOCOMOMO 2020 + 1 Tokyo for the next year. The character “doco-MOMO” is her assistant of virtual tour.