About a group discount system – Docomomo 2020

About a group discount system

Docomomo2020+1 Conference has a group discount system.
Group reservations are applicable to Normal Registration 15 September2020- 15 July2021.
If you are interested in registering as a group, please apply to registration@docomomo2020.com. The approved group can register and pay as one group payment via bank transfer. (Not payable by a credit card)

Number of people Discount rate REGISTRATION 1 March ? 15 July
4people 2% ¥73,500
6people 3% ¥72,750
8people 4% ¥72,000
10people 5% ¥67,500

The group discount rate will apply to the “non-member” fee. A group does not have to be one particular organization or an established company. You need to apply to the Docomomo 2020+1 secretariat as a group by submitting the full list of all the members and their attachment via email. Once the secretariat approves your group, a Group ID number unique to a group will be issued.

Once you receive the Group ID, a representative of a group must register through the DOCOMOMO2020+1 website. Make sure you note that you are registering as a group representative with a proper ID issued by the secretariat.

For group discount registration, a representative of a group must pay by bank transfer. (No credit card payment.)

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