Posters Deadline Schedule

31 January 2020 You must register with full payment to Docomomo 2020 conference.
Only the authors and co-authors that completed their registration with payment for the conference before this date will have their posters exhibited and published in the conference proceedings.

1 March 2020: You must send the 1st version of your poster in pdf format.
A proper uploading system will be ready by this date, so please wait for further instructions.

30 March 2020: You must send the final version of your poster (with all the components listed below), to
1) Docomomo International ( and to
2) Docomomo 2020 secretariat (

Required documents to submit before 1 March 2020 are:

  1. 1. Poster (Outlined PDF with printing registration mark), presented in accordance with the poster guidelines which are published in the text below, including:
    1. 1.1. Abstract: 100 words
    2. 1.2. Body of Text: 1.000 words
    3. 1.3. References
    4. 1.4. Biography of author and co-authors (100 words each).
    5. 1.5. A Caption and credit per image. The images should be free of copyrights.
  2. 2. A personal photo (headshot) of author and co-authors.
  3. 3. Signed “Consent to Publish for Conference Proceedings”, which is available for download here

Each author will receive a poster identification number after the conference registration payment. The poster will be printed in Tokyo by Docomomo2020 secretariat. It is not necessary for you to bring it. CAUTION: After the final submission, should you have any request to make changes or replacing the poster, it will cost 10,000 JPY per replacement.

If the author does not fulfill these schedules and guidelines, DOCOMOMO International and DOCOMOMO 2020 reserve the right to withdraw your paper from the programme and the Proceedings.
Each poster presenter is expected to secure their own support to cover registration, travel and accommodation.

Poster Guidelines

Posters should be made by illustrator ai. PhotoShop ai or InDesign ai and outlined with printing registration marks and finalized in outlined PDF format. We Only accept the outlined PDF format poster. How to upload your poster will be notified later once the system is ready.

1- Poster Header to insert
Click here to download
2- the 10 cm belt for the:
Right: Author and co-authors names (font: Arial Bold 36pt) and poster identification number (font: Arial Bold 72pt).
text in this part must be written on central line with left alignment
3- Poster is separated into two parts;
-upper part for the text (font: Arial 26pt), 4 vertical text rows with 1.5 cm white space in between, left alignment of the text, References (font: Arial Italic, 16pt)
-lower part for the pictures, picture description (font: Arial,16pt)
4- Poster surface background is WHITE.
Sample of poster is available here