Cancellation requests are accepted by 31st May 2021. Requests after this date will not be accepted and full price will be charged.
We accept all requests of cancelation with a full refund* when we receive such requests in writing via email to
Authors who wish to make a presentation during the virtual conference and have their papers published with their names must pay the author’s fee. (For the fee detail if you have not fulfilled this requirement yet: REGISTRATION – Docomomo 2020 For authors who request a refund, his/her paper will be taken down from the conference proceedings automatically.
Cancellation of Authors:
a joint statement with all members must be submitted by the AUTHOR. If one of the co-authors wishes to remain as an author, a request in writing is required for consideration and approval.
Cancellation of Co-Authors:a joint statement with all members must be submitted by the AUTHOR. For those co-authors who cancel the registration, his/her name will not be mentioned in the conference proceedings.
Regardless of the virtual or physical conference, the registration fee remains the same.
We will announce and issue “Online Attendance” tickets effective for all 4days in the beginning of June..
If you have already paid 50,000JPY for members or 62,500JPY for non-members and wish to ONLY VIEW and LISTEN to the conferences, you can ask for a refund* and purchase these newly available 'Online Attendance’ tickets afterward.
Please note:
For those who paid 50,000JPY or 62,500PY, 1 complete printed set of 5 books of the conference proceeding (Book Price: 30,000 JPY: special price for Docomomo International members, and 42,500 JPY for non-members +10,000JPY for shipping/handling) sent by post is included in the price.
For those who paid for 'Online attendance' ticket, there will be no books.

*Those who wish to have their refund by international bank transfer, we have to ask for 10,000JPY for a handling charge. Please also note that a recipient is responsible for any bank receivable charges applied in the receiving country. For those who paid by credit card, this case does not apply.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the policy regarding refunds of the physical attendance fee for those who can’t attend virtually at that time?
>>> either you are an author, a co-author, or a general participant, either one of will apply and eligible for a refund if you request.

Due to the conference becoming online, is there a way for a partial refund? >>> unfortunately, there will be no partial refund due to this change.